McPherson Land

Submitted by: Mary McPherson

DRURY MCPHERSON, 3 Jan 1858, Huntsville, Alabama, Document #22287, Serial No AL3790_.453, Cash entry sale for 240.0300 acres of land Parcel: Township 11S, Range 2W, Section 21, Huntsville, Alabama.

GEORGE MCPHERSON was listed in land transaction; 19, 11s, 2w, Huntsville, 160.25 acres of land 3/1/1858. no certificate no. Next door to him was 160.25 acres listed for DRURY, 21, 11s, 2w, Huntsville, 240.03 acres, 3/1/1858, add cert. #22288. Also in the same locaion was DANIEL, WALTER, MONROE; in location 13s was JAMES, WILIAM C., and WILLIAM M. MCPHERSON, period of 1891-1899; DANIEL MCPHERSON, all listed for HUNTSVILLE 1858.