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Pine Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
903 Green Valley Road

From US-431 S/Chastain Blvd E/AL-1 S, turn right onto Green Valley Road go 1.9 miles.  The cemetery is on the right.

Able, Infant 1899, s/o J.E. & Emma Able
Ables, Jane Hall 18 Jul.1943
Ables, James Cecil 3 Jun.1915-22 Jul.1947, ss as Jane Ables, S2 C USNR WWII
Ables, Nola Jean 6 Dec.1940-23 Feb.1941
Abney, Linda G. 1940-1941 d/o Mr.& Mrs.W.E.Abney
Amos, Exie 24 Apr.1891-18 Sep.1997
Amos, Jake 1852-1928
Amos, Louise A. 12 July.1943-ndd, married 30 Sep.1957
Amos, Porchure B. 6 Apr.1953-7 Jun.1990 ss as Redilia Amos
Amos, Redilia P. 17 Apr.1984-7 Jun.1990
Amos, Walter 18 Nov.1878-7___.1955, ss as Exie Amos
Amos, Walter J. 9 Sep.1931-7 Sep.1987 ss as Louise Amos
Armstrong, Mary Plott 1869-1962
Armstrong, P.C. 1875-1954 ss as Mary Armstrong
Armstrong, Wonnett 30 Nov 1929 -3 Feb.1930
Arrington, Cecil Dewey 25 Jan 1901-26 Feb 1943
Ashworth, Thurston 'Buddy' 15 Apr.1947-Jan.1989, Dad
Atwell, Joe W.
Atwell, Odalia
Aurthur, Unknown
Bates, Bill R. 10 Apr.1897-14 Apr.1943 Georgia Pvt.146 MG BN 41 Div WWI
Bates, Frank
Bates, Maggie
Beard, Lenna A. 1861-1935
Beard, Edward M. 1867-1917
Begeorge Mr. 1907-1973,(grave marked with a small plastic cross,"Cammage Funeral Home")
Bellew, Unknown
Berry, Charlie 21 Nov..1917-12 Dec.1962, Ala.Pvt US Army WWII
Berry, Jim B. 30 May 1884-23 Mar.1956
Berry, Julie 22 May 1906-26 Feb.1920
Berry, Lee 2 Oct.1924-27 Aug.1947
Berry, Vivian Diane 1 Sep.1954-8 Jul.1974, Lived Fast, Loved Hard, Died Young, And Left A Beautiful Memory
Berry, Senia E. 2 Feb.1887-6 Apr.1991 ss as Jim Berry
Beulah, Unknown 1884-1933
Blakely, Unknown
Bone, Alfred L. 21 Dec.1925-ndd
Bone, Barbara A. 12 Aug.1931-18-Sep.1981
Bone, Clarence Turner Jr. 18 Jul.1922-4 Sep.1930
Bone, Infants 26 Feb.1952-17 Jan 1962 Daughters of Alfred C. & Barbara T. Bone
Boozer, Carrie R. Cobb 1875 1936
Boozer, Henry Taylor 28 Feb 1879 1954
Brooks, Lydia Croft 1909-1991
Brown, Carolyn Sanford 19 Feb.1927-30 Apr.1997
Brown, May B. 28 Jul.1912 age 27 yrs. w/o Charlie Brown
Bryant, Unknown
Burger, Unknown
Burgess, Vera McNair 30 Sep.1889-3 Jan.1916
Campbell, Unknown 12 Oct.1948-9 Jan.1969
Campbell, Jimmie Earl
Carter, Evelyn M. Cheeks 28 Feb.1930-27 Nov.1983 ss as George Carter
Carter, George P. 27 Jun 1921-ndd
Chainey, Infant 20 Feb.1919, Infant of J.W. & Mittie Chainey
Cheeks, Carroll 1877-1933
Cheeks, Dee William 27 Oct.1909-10 Nov.1966 , ss as Nina Cheeks
Cheeks, Dora R.
Cheeks, Etty T. 10 Nov.1960?-15 Feb.1961? (difficult to read, carved in rock beside grave of Johnny Eaves )
Cheeks, Henry 1878-1951
Cheeks, Ira R. 1904-1960
Cheeks, Nina Mae 13 Oct.1914-5 Sep.1989
Clark, Sue Anderson 7 May 1927-ndd
Clark, William Emery 26 Aug.1927-17 Mar.1923, ss as Sue Clark
Clemmer, Carrie Bell 26 Mar 1885-6 Aug.1963
Clemmer, John L. 4 Jul 1873-8 Oct 1962
Clemmer, William E. 2 Oct 1876-9 Jul 1972 ss as Carrie Clemmer,
Cleveland, Fannie 26 Mar 1878-4 May 1957 ss as P.J. Cleveland
Cleveland, Lula 17 Apr.1910-21 May 1985
Cleveland, Otis 14 Feb.1908-2 Nov.1996, ss as Lula Cleveland
Cleveland, P.J. 22 Apr 1879-13 Jul 1961
Clough, Arthur M. 1895-194?
Clough, Thomas E. 25 Jun.1878-30 Oct.1895
Coker, John A. 5 Apr.1913-9 Aug.1914, s/o J.A. & S.H. Coker, At Rest
Collins, Curtis C. 1920-ndd, ss as Juanita Collins, They Just Went Away
Collins, Juanita E. 1926-1956, ss as Robert L. Collins
Collins, Robert L. 1953-1982,
Cox, Thelma Putman 15 Aug.1943-14 Sep.1958
Croft, Miles Henry 19 Apr.1918-11 Jul.1918
Cunningham, Walter 1886-1889 s/o Mr. & Mrs. H. Cunningham
Davis, Ovid H.
Davis, Ader L. 1905-1922
Davis, Infant i/o Ovid H. & Ader Davis
Davis, S.L. 9 Sep.1903-4 Jul.1904, d/o Ovid H. & Ader Davis
Davis, Unknown
Downey, Unknown
Dunaway, Dorothy Ruby 1922-1996
Dunston, Omalay McBurnett 21 Oct.1909
Eaves, Johnny N. 3 Apr.1953-5 Apr.1953
Ernest, Frank 3 Aug.1901-Apr.1996
Estes Buck H. 1848-1918
Fatherloss, Alonzo M. 8 Dec.1874-22 Aug.1918
Fatherloss, Rosa Lee 15 Jan.1885-17 Mar.1947
Faulkner, Diane 17 Oct.1950-13 Dec.1997 'Mother'
Faulkner, Robert 30 Jan.1932-ndd 'Father' ss as Diane Faulkner
Fendley, Melvin C. 9 May 1922-23 Mar.1998, Pfc US Army WWII
Filmore, Katherene J. 1926-1989
Filmore, Lonnie T. 1925-ndd
Findley, Joanna 1892-1962
Findly, Josie
Findley, Lewis 1897-1968
Findly, Walker
Finley, Emma 1866-1948
Finley, Robert D. 10 Dec.1898-17 Jun.1942
Finley, Roxie A. 4 Feb.1900-16 May 1979
Findley, Infant 24 Apr.1908, Infant of M.J Findley
Findley, Infant 24 Apr.1908, Infant of M.J Findley
Findly, Walker
Finnely, Unknown
Franklin, Daisy Lee Tankersley 26 Sep.1902-18 Nov.1975 ss as Henry Edgar Franklin
Franklin, Henry Edgar 30 Nov 1898-19 Dec 1978 , same plot as Henry & Ruth Jones
Franks, Ethyl 1880-1957
Franks Jeffers Family
Franks, William Marshall 1851-1924, h/o Susan Frances Keating
Gables, Unknown 1919-1988
George, M. 19 May 1895-30 Jan.1978
Glough, Wm. H. 1872-1899
Goode, Edna J. 1926-only date
Goode, Oscar L. 1923-1993 Army T Sgt.WWII
Greene, Clyde 18 Aug.1930-5 Oct.1980
Gregorn, Connie C. 1898-1940
Gregorn, May R. 1889-1945
Gulledge, Annie Theoria Dec.1907-ndd
Gulledge, Ernest Frank 23 Nov.1901-Apr.1996, ss as Annie Gulledge
Gulledge, Infant 26 Dec.1942 s/o Mr. & Mrs.Frank Gulledge
Gulledge, Joe Frank 2 Nov.1928-13 Dec.1974, Pfc US Army
Hall, Collie D. 1838-1908 'Mother'
Hall, Tillman H. 11 Feb.1878-7 Oct.1923
Hall, Wash 1841-19?? 'Father'
Hamilton, Angus, son
Hamilton, John Tuck, son
Hamilton, Zolloi, son
Haney, John H. 1904-ndd
Haney, Sarah J. 1909-1975
Hass, Mattie Lee 21 Feb..1901-8 May 1912, d/o Mr. & Mrs. R.B.Hass
Hass, Mrs.R.B. 1877-1960
Hass, R.B. 1877-1925
Hanney, Unknown
Hethcox, Glenn C. 9 Nov 1921-27 Aug.1947 Alabama Pvt. Inf. WWII
Higginbothom, Lenner McNeal 1892-1948
Hill, ss as Lee Hill
Hill, Ernest H. 1900-1947
Hill, F. 1865-1950
Hill, Francess 1905-1990 ss as Gus Hill
Hill, Gus 1898-1988
Hill, Gus Jr. 24 Nov.1940-5 Jun.1943
Hill, Infant 13 Mar.1928 Infant s/o John & Ronie Hill
Hill, Julie 1865-1961
Hill, Lee 24 Apr.1886-31 Oct.1971
Hill.Rebecca Jane 'Becky' 31 May 1982-27 Nov 1990
Hollinshed, Grady 30 Aug 1912-14 Jun.1931 s/o H.W.& Mary Hollinshed
Hopkins, Emma 1866-1948
Howard, Frances L. Talley 1854-1936
Howard, Hattie McNair 1892-1986
Howard, James L. 14 Nov.1866-4 Dec.1943
Howard, Susan M. 18 Sep.1873-12 Nov.1949
Howard, William Price 1853-1915
Howington, Clarence A. 2 May 1910-21 Jan.1967 Our Beloved Father, An Angel At Rest
Howington, Irene Underwood 7 Mar 1910-4 Feb 1945
Hudson, Carl A. 21 Aug 1898-24 Jun 1984
Hudgins, Gladys I. 11 Mar, 1930-ndd ss as Joseph Hudgins
Hudgins, Joseph W. 16 Nov 1925-19___1987 , S1 US Navy WWII
Hudson, Mae S. 15 Oct 1905-6 Oct 1979 ss as Carl Hudson
Ingle, Marvin F. 1903-1937
Ingle, Violet W. 22 Jun.1907-23 Feb.1965, 'Mother', When His Boat Came Close To Shore She Climbed On Board
Isbell, Unknown
Jackson, Margaret Amos 21 Apr.1920-9 Jun.1992, A Tender Mother And Faithful Friend
Jarrell, Justin Ray 18 Aug.1987-19 Aug.1987, same plot as Jack Pointer
Jeffers, Thomas Lewis Mar.1917-Aug.1918
Jeffers, W.F. 1879-1943
Jelks, Dellar 25 Nov.1875-9 Dec.1953
Jenkins, Louise
Jenkins, William P.
Jenkins, William T.
Jennings, Alice Hill 6 Dec.1902-22 Nov.1986 ss as John T. Jennings, Married Dec.1921
Jennings, John T.'Tom' 23 Dec.1902-1986 ss as Alice Hill Jennings
Johnson, Clarence C. 2 Nov.1924-1 Sep.1994
Johnson, Joel D.
Johnson, Julia Jeannette 24 Apr.1955-1976
Johnson, Robert O. 1958-1993
Johnson, Walter Shelton 3 Jan.1918-26 Sep.1996 US Navy
Jones,?ina A. 11 Jun.1898-3 Jun.1950
Jones, Betty Ann 13 Jul.1955-Oct.1995
Jones, Dorothy 4 Jun.1937-ndd
Jones, Henry 28 Jul.1918-13 Jul.1989, same plot as Henry & Daisy Franklin
Jones, Henry 26 Apr.1938-26 Apr.1938 Asleep With Jesus
Jones, John H. 25 Nov.1894-13 Sep.1967 Ala.Pvt Co.G Training Regt.
Jones, John W. 9 Apr.1904-10 Aug.1973 ss as Viola Jones
Jones, Loyd 12 Dec.1891-10 Mar.1978
Jones, Lumie 15 Feb.1917-30 Jun.1984
Jones, Levi 5 Jul.1900-20 Jun.1980
Jones, M.T. 10 Oct.1870-27 Mar.1938 At Rest
Jones, Nellie 5 Apr.1922-ndd
Jones, Orval 7 Jun.1936-11 Jun.1979
Jones, Phyllis Carol 25 Jan.1954-31 Dec.1969
Jones, Roy 9 Mar.1943-7 Jun.1943
Jones, Ruth 25 Sep.1920-ndd, ss as Henry Jones
Jones, Sarah 23 Apr 1907-17 Oct.1988 ss as Levi Jones
Jones, Steven Forrest 2 Feb.1952-31 Dec.1969
Jones, Tilda 5 Mar.1894-22 Feb.1978, ss as Loyd Jones
Jones, Unknown 1943-1943
Jones, Viola M. 1 May 1907-22 Sep.1967 same plot as Nellie & Orval Jones
Jones, William Milton 18 Apr.1929-ndd
Justice, Michael Len 1 Sep.1970-2 Sep.1970
Keating, Susan Frances 1856-1938 w/o William Marshall Franks
Keeling, Billie M. 6 Jan.1906-7 Sep.1974 ss as Lenox Keeling
Keeling, Lenox B. 5 Apr.189?-Jul.
Lackey, Gwen
Lamb, Dale E. 7 Mar.1963-26 Feb.1983, Our Dude
Lamb, Dana W. 9 May 1959-31 Oct.1981, Son, A Ring of Bright Water.
LaRose, Jason David 14 Dec.1983-15 Jan.1984, s/o Dale & Pamela LaRose Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Lewis, Unknown
Lowe, Robert Junior 19 Nov.1919-24 Jun.1967
Mangum, W.T. 18 Jan.1876-28 Feb.1922 s/o G.W & E.C.Mangum, Prepare To Meet Me In Heaven
Manor, Mary Ellis McRae 1851-1937
Marker, Arthur Bruce 1879-1935
Marshall, Pierce 1888-1970
Martin, Jeffery L.30 May 1980 , We Love You
Martin, Larry James 26 Mar.1950-2 Jul 1994 US Marine Corps Vietnam, Purple Heart
Martin, Myra Faye 15 Mar.1941-ndd
Martin, Robert Lee 1945-ndd, ss as Myra Martin
McBurnett, Eloner
McBurnett, Ester
McBurnett, Marvin Edward USAF
McClellan, Jennie Lou 6 Sep.1954-, Infant
McClendon, Unknown
McClendon, Elizabeth J. 14 Sep.1918-ndd
McClendon, Grace 1910-1944
McClendon, William Oscar 20 Sep.1914-7 Oct.1969
McDowell, Ellen 1880-1948
McDowell, Fannie 1849-1932
McDowell, Homer L. 1900-1995
McDowell, Ida 1843-1947
McDowell, J.H. 1873-194?
McDowell, J.T. no dates
McDowell, James H. 1921-1940
McDowell, Mattie L. 1908-1996
McDowell, W.S. 1879-1935
McDuffie, Melva A. 1935-1988
McDuffie, Roscoe 14 Feb.1932-2 Aug.1932
McDuffie, Sidney E. 1927-1996
McKenzie, Adline 26 Mar 1928-26 Mar 1928
McKenzie, Carrol
McKenzie, Floyd Cecil
McKenzie, Floyd Cecil Jr.
McKenzie, Frank Darrell 20 Apr.1928-4 Jul.1928 son
McKenzie, Frank J. 18 Oct 1904-19 Feb.1996
McKenzie, Hattie C. 18 Sep.1906-2 Jan.1980
McKenzie, Sarah
McMichael, Hassie L. 1917-1950
McNair, Detroit 26 Feb.1849-14 Jun.1897
McNair, Ella A. 5 Feb.1852-30 May 1936 w/o Detroit McNair
McNair, Francess L.
McNair, William
McNeal, George J. 1885-1951
McNeal, Kitty B. 1888-1918
McNeal, Lenner 1892-1949
McNeal, Mary L. 1 Jul.1860-15 Oct.1945
McNeal, William L. 21 Jul.1860-16 Oct.1925
MeClendon, Unknown
MeClendon, Unknown
Minzer, 1893-1900
Minzer, Emma 25 Apr.???? -? Oct.????
Minzer, Joseph J. 31 Jul.1893-only date
Mitchem, Clyde Sherman 8 Feb.1965-24 Feb.1965, Asleep In Jesus
Morgan, John C. 23 Dec.1938-20 Jan.1994 , Sgt US Air Force Vietnam
Morgan, Joseph Cecil 22 Mar.1913-30 Nov.19??,Georgia Pfc.211 Base Unit WWII
Morgan, Margaret R. 22 Jul.1941-ndd ss as John Morgan
Morgan, Nora Mae Findley 31 May 1919-8 Apr.1987 ss as Joseph Morgan
Noah, Unknown 1913-1987
Noah, Unknown 1913-1976
Noah, Unknown ss as Richard Noah,
Noah, Bessie M. 1894-1973
Noah, J.Forrest 1865-1950, ss as Nancy Noah
Noah, John M. 1887-1976
Noah, Nancy Jane 1866-1936
Noah, Richard Wayne 27 Aug.19221 Jan.1962
O.W.W. carved in a rock
Oden, Mary Holinshed
Oglesby, Joseph F. 1918-1943
O'Keefe, Homer O. 12 Sep.1915-15 Feb.1977
O'Keefe, Ola C. 26 Feb.1885-9 Jun.1970
O'Keefe, William H. 15 Dec.1882-Mar.1940, ss as Ola O'Keefe
P.S M.S. (scratched in stone grave beside Infant Teal)
P.,H. (scratched in stone)
P.,M. (scratched in stone)
Parker, Bertie McNeal 1897-1938
Patterson, Unknown CPL 59 Ala. Inf.
Pavton, Unknown
Payne, Isabelle 17 Dec 1886-17 Aug 1930 'Mother'
Payne, Oma Lee 20 Sep 1909-28 Feb 1936
Payton, Ralph June 1923-20 Apr.1974 Pfc. Army same plot as Taylor Payton & Annie Thacker
Payton, Taylor Z. 10 Apr.1890-Nov.1966 Al. Pvt. Qmc WWI, same plot as Annie Thacker & Ralph Payton
Peek, Cicero H. 1 Sep.1893-31 May 1973
Peek, Lillian E. 24 Jun.1900-29 Jan.1987, ss as Cicero Peek
Pentecost, Beatrice 12 May 1905-9 Mar.1981
Pentecost, Stanley 24 Jun.1898-29 Jul.1980 ss as Beatrice Pentecost
Pepper, Betty J. 9 Dec 1930-ndd, ss as Bobby Earl Pepper
Pepper, Bobby Earl 25 Nov 1929-14 Apr.1997, US Marine Corps Korea
Pledger, Hugh Calvin 1870-1944
Plott, A.H. 27 Jun 1824-31 Mar.1905 ss as S.B. Plott
Plott, S.B. 24 May 1840-22 Jul.1887
Pointer, Aire T. 2 Jun.1962-23 Sep.1965 , same plot as Justin Jarrell & Jack Pointer
Pointer, Jack 12 Aug 1912-6 Oct.1983, same plot as Justin Jarrell & Aire Pointer, US World War
Poore, Dora B.Watts 26 Apr.1900-11 Nov.1982
Poore, Sidney 8 Sep.1891 -18 Aug.1947 Alabama Pvt.23 Inf.2 Div. WWII
Praytor, James C. 1852-1928
Praytor, Margaret 1853-1927
Pritchett-Nesbitt, Phillip 17 Jul.1960-5 Oct.1995, Son, ss as Theresa Pritchett-Nesbitt
Pritchett-Nesbitt, Theresa Carey 27 Oct.1961-5 Oct.1995, My Special Angel
Pruitt, Diali Jones 26 Jul.1961-20 Sep.1997
Pruitt, R.Gene 27 Jun.1937-12 Sep.1935
Ragland, Paul V. 17 Jan.1906-16 Nov.1970,'Father'
Ragland, Rezie E. 1909-1983 ,'Mother,' ss as Paul Ragland
Redding, Unknown
Reddingburger, Unknown
Reed, Cora E. 1884-1930 'Mother'
Reed, Mary Estell 1881-1958
Reed, Robert R. 1881-1941 ss as Mary Estell Reed
Reed, Thomas B. 3 Dec.1889-6 Feb.1959 He Died As He Lived A Christian
Reaves, ____ M. 31 Mar 1885-7 Aug 1945
Reaves, Anna Emelia 3 Feb 1909-17 Apr.1948
Reaves, Clyde A. Sr. 31 Jan 1906-10 Aug 1945 ss as Anna Reaves
Reaves, M.P. 1881-1944 Rest In Peace
Rhodes, Clara E. 12 Jun 1921-1 Nov 1970 ss as Hugh Rhodes
Rhodes, Hugh M. 15 Oct 1920-27 Nov 1984
Rhodes, Rodney
Rhodes, Roy
Rhodes, Unknown 1948-1966
Rhodes, Unknown
Rowell, Eliza 20 Mar1891-10 Mar.1931, A Loving Mother
S.J.R. (carved in a rock)
Saint, Unknown
Sales, Ada Kate 15 Dec.1934, Our Darling
Sanford, Fitzsimmons 1899-1927, ss as Marthaleen & Polly Sanford
Sanford, Georgia M. 12 Oct.1900-28 Dec.1988
Sanford, John 9 Feb.1900-18 Jun.1950
Sanford, M.C. 22 Aug 1924-29 Jan.1998 Pfc. US Army WWII, He Loved People
Sanford, Marthaleen 1925-1930 ss as Fitzsimmons & Polly Sanford
Sanford, Minnie S. 1898-1946, Not Lost But Gone
Sanford, Polly 1864-1930, ss as Fitzsimmons & Marthaleen Sanford
Sanford, Robert Lee 9 Sep.1901-26 Jul.1956, 'Daddy' We Will Meet You
Sanford, William F. 1880-1955
Schats, Charlie V. 1918-1969, WWII Veteran US Navy
Schats, Edna Irene 1976-1997
Sherbert, Chris M. 30 Aug.1950-3 Sep 1995
Sherbert, Etta Berry 1 Jun.1922-25 Dec.1992
Simpson, Etmel
Sims, Arthur W. 1907-1981, ss as Edith Sims
Sims, Edith E. 1912-1985
Sims, James L. 12 Feb.1921-25 Dec.1921 'Son'
Sims, Lela V. 15 Mar.1888-29 Dec.1909 'Mother'
Sims, Lizzie ss as Miles Sims
Sims, Marshall E. 7 Nov.1888-19 Oct.1939 'Father'
Sims, Mary Magdalene 23 Sep.1905-ndd
Sims, Miles ss as Lizzie Sims
Sims, Ralph L. 1907-1924
Sims, William Monroe 1878-1946, ss as Mary Sims
Simmons, Almart W. 20 Oct.1903-1974
Simmons, Bertha M. 7 Feb.1912-ndd
Smith, C.W. 9 Jun..1861-6 Jul..1914
Smith, Diane 24 Jun.1945-ndd
Smith, James J. 14 Jul.1948
Smith, Kyle Duane 18 Feb.1975-10 Oct.1980, Asleep Waiting The Resurrection
Smith, Laura L. 1893-1956
Smith, Linda J. 5 Nov.1959-26 Feb.1979
Smith, Liza E. 1857-1922
Smith, M.C. 24 Jun.1918-11 Dec.1992 ss as Pauline Smith
Smith, Mae 12 Aug.1908-3 Dec.1948, Mother Is Not Dead She Is Only Sleeping
Smith, Ola A. 1912-1993
Smith, Oliver 1907-1960
Smith, Pauline J. 16 Sep.1922-17 Mar.1999
Smith, Penny Darline 13 Oct.1961-14 Oct.1961
Smith, Ruby
Smith, Tommy 21 Sep.1946-12 Jun.1997
Smith, Walter C. 1875-1946, ss as Laura L. Smith
Smith, Walter Jr.
Staton, Ada Pledger 1888-1967 ss as Hugh Calvin Pledger
Stephens, Annie Mae 6 Jan.1943-29 Nov.1943, d/o Joe Jr.& Hazel Stephens, Asleep With Jesus
Stephens, Infant d/o J.C.& S.A. Stephens
Stephens, Lewie M. 25 Jul.1902-7 Oct.1903, s/o Joe C.& S.A.Stephens, Gone To Rest But Not Forgotten
Stephens, Lula 18 Sep.1873-30 May 1936
Stephens, Palisteen V. 1878-1944, ss as Robert Stephens
Stephens, Robert F. 1877-1959
Stevens, Unknown
Swindall, Billie Jo 17 May 1929-20 Jan.1988
Swindall, Dixie Melissa 3 Jun.1954, Another Little Angel..Our Baby
Swindall, John Jr.28 Feb.1926-19 Apr.1995
Swindall, Tammie Jo 16 Dec.1948-18 Jan.1949, Another Little Angel..Our Baby
T.E.C. (carved in a rock)
Teal, Infant 20 Jun.1947, Infant d/o Kenneth & Frankie Teal
Thacker, Annie Laura Feb.1900-1 Dec.1990,'Mother' same plot as Taylor & Ralph Payton
Thompson, Amos 8 Aug.1884-9 Apr.1955 ss as Victoria Thompson
Thompson, Cora F. 5 Sep.1921-1 Dec.1992 ss as James F. Thompson
Thompson, Dollie M. 29 Sep.1892-11 May 1960
Thompson, Eula Mae 27 Jun.1906 -22 Aug.1906, Another Angel, Baby
Thompson, James F. 5 Sep.1919-18 Jul.1981, ss as Cora Thompson
Thompson, Jerry W. 8 Nov.1942-18 Mar.1943
Thompson, Victoria 7 Feb.1890-19 Aug.1955, ss as Amos Thompson
Thompson, Will 5 Jul 1887-Apr.1956
Tolbert, Frances Elizabeth 23 Feb.1896-14 Sep.1992
Tolbert, Robert D. 21 Dec.1921-15 Feb.1926
Underwood.Irene 1910-1943
Underwood, Nancy Payton 7 Dec.1882-11 Mar.1934
Unknown, James Lamar
Unknown, beside Thurston Ashworth
Unknown, 21 Sep.1946-12 Jun.1997
Unknown, Infant, beside Pearl McNeal
Unknown, Infant, beside Pearl McNeal
Unknown,(5)behind Saint
Unknown,(3)behind George McNeal
Unknown,(2)behind Bobby & Betty Pepper
Unknown,(4)beside Ovid Davis
Unknown,(2)between George McNeal & Ada Sales
Unknown,(2)same plot as William & Mary Sims
Unknown,(10)near Thomas Clough
Unknown,(6)beside Rowell
Unknown, beside J. & Nancy Noah
Unknown, beside Rowell
Unknown, Infant (Between Infant Findley & tree, small grave with rocks around it)
Unknown, beside Infant Chainey
Unknown, beside Adline McKenzie
Unknown, beside Isabelle Payne
Unknown, beside Nancy Underwood
Unknown, between Lee & Julia Berry
Unknown, between Maggie & Bill Bates
Unknown, between Joseph Carter & Aire Pointer
Walker, Fannie C. Apr.1910-4 Sep.1979 'Mother', ss as James Frank Walker
Walker, Infant 23 Nov.1940, s/o Lela & Guthrie Walker
Walker, James Frank Jan.1900-Dec.1962,'Father' ss as Fannie C. Walker
Walker, Lela Jane 3 Jun.1925-ndd
Walker, Mary Watson 17 Feb. 1927-15 Sep.1993
Walker, P.G. 1 Sep.1919-ndd
Walls, Unknown
Walsh, Martha S. 28 Apr.1885-14 Jan.1970 'Mother'
Walsh, Donald D. 1910-1935
Walsh, Mike M. 1880-1925
Walter, Unknown
Watts, Jason Wayne 2 Sep.1969-13 Mar.1994 'Brother' In Loving Memory, (Photo on headstone)
Weathers, Daisy 27 Aug 1902-1976
Weddington, Unknown
White, Carrie S. 1919-1976
White, James R. Sr. 1918-1975
White, Tammy Lannette 18 Sep.1966-30 Dec.1990, Special Child Our Baby
Wilkins, Unknown
Wilks, Boyd 8 Apr.1905, s/o W.D. & Lucy Wilkes
Wilson, Lloyd Dudley 4 Mar.1938-23 Jun 1969
Wilson, Michael Charles infant s/o Mr.& Mrs. Lloyd Wilson, At Rest
Woodall, William Mack Jr. Oct.1945-3 Aug.1991, Beloved Son, Sheltered In The Arms Of God


Submitted by
Susie & Danny Jackson (Nov 2002)