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Trotter Dooley Cemetery

This cemetery is located on city property behind Advance Auto Distribution. The land originally belonged to William Trotter. William served in the 48th Al Infantry Co B. He was married to Mary E. Dooly. The Trotters had a daughter named Florence (buried at Pilgrims Rest) who was married to Henry Burgess Dooley. There are only two markers still standing. One grave is sunken. It is believed that there are more graves here.

Dooly, G.D., b. 29 Dec 1823, d.19 Feb 1891
Dooley, Henry B, b. 14 Oct. 1855, d. 15 Mar 1891, Sleep Father and Take Thy Rest. God Called Thee Home, He Thought It Best.
Trotter, Little Caty, b. 7 May 1867, d. 18 Mar 1880
Trotter, Lillie, b. 2 Feb 1862, d. 14 Feb 1873
Trotter, Mary E, b. 29 Apr 1823, d. 25 Mar 1874
Trotter, William, b. 6 Nov 1815, d. 17 Jan 1891
Trotter, Lula G, 2 yrs


Contributed by Sherry Clayton, April 22, 2000