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1880 Federal Census
Fort Laramie, Laramie County, WY



D - F

 Name Parents or spouse Est.
Birth Year
Birthplace Relationship to head of house
(Other=No direct relation)
T. Daily blank <1854> Ireland  Other
John Darcy blank <1850> Massachusetts  Other
Darlen or Alex Alex Or Darlen blank <1852> Switzerland  Other
Dan Daugherty blank <1850> New York  Other
Thos. Daugherty blank <1854> New Brunswick  Other
C. Daulma blank <1846> Prussia  Other
Lucy Daulma blank <1852> Missouri  Other
M. J. Davenport blank <1852> New York  Other
Fred Davis blank <1857> England  Other
Geo. L. Davis blank <1853> Ohio  Other
Wm. Davis blank <1854> Russia  Other
Robert Dayton blank <1850> Pennsylvania  Other
B. Degman blank <1834> Ireland  Other
John Deind blank <1843> England  Other
T. Delany blank <1845> Ireland  Other
R. J. Dexter blank <1845> Iowa  Other
John Diffly blank <1857> Ohio  Other
Geo. W. Dine blank <1856> Ohio  Other
John Dineen blank <1843> England  Other
Chas. Donelson blank <1856> Baden  Other
Wm. Doty blank <1851> New York  Other
John J. Dounely blank <1832> Ireland  Other
Geo. E Duel blank <1851> New York  Other
John M. Duncan blank <1854> Pennsylvania  Other
M. J. Dunkin blank <1850> England  Other
James Earnest blank <1854> Pennsylvania  Other
Harry East blank <1845> Indiana  Other
Wm. Eck blank <1854> Han[over]  Other
J. D. Edmons blank <1859> Washington, D.C.  Other
John Edwards blank <1852> Ireland  Other
John Eichlaub blank <1855> Prussia  Other
Wm. Elliot blank <1855> Pennsylvania  Other
Joseph Esser blank <1851> Prussia Self
John Essing blank <1856> Wurt[temberg]  Other
G. Estinger blank <1850> Wurt[temberg]  Other
Henry Evans blank <1857> Pennsylvania  Other
Henry Fassold blank <1854> Prussia  Other
Anthony Fennell blank <1854> Pennsylvania  Other
S. Fell blank <1855> Ohio  Other
Chas. Fiedler blank <1858> Illinois  Other
Henry Fisher blank <1854> New York  Other
Dan Fitzgerald blank <1845> New York  Other
Frank Fitzgerald blank <1850> New York  Other
Daniel Flinn blank <1856> Michigan  Other
Elizabeth Flinn Richard Flinn,
Marila Flinn
<1880> Wyoming Territory Daughter
Marila Flinn Richard Flinn <1857> Wisconsin Wife
Richard Flinn Marila Flinn <1855> Ohio Self
John Forbs blank <1857> New York  Other
Wm. Forbes blank <1854> Nova Scotia  Other
C. Foster blank <1852> Indiana  Other
Wm. Fritz blank <1859> New York  Other