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1880 Federal Census
Fort Laramie, Laramie County, WY



M - N

 Name Parents or spouse Est.
Birth Year
Birthplace Relationship to head of house
(Other=No direct relation)
C. Madsen blank <1851> Den[mark] Other
Mary Magill Pat Magill <1852> Ireland Wife
Pat Magill Mary Magill <1845> Ireland Self
James Mahan blank <1854> Massachusetts Other
Thos. Maher blank <1848> Ireland Other
John Marrer blank <1850> Ireland Other
John W. Mangle blank <1857> Ireland Other
T. A. Mantle blank <1848> Maryland Other
James Marsell blank <1856> Vermont Other
John W. Mathewes blank <1844> Ireland Other
Mike McAndle blank <1851> Ireland Other
O. McCormick blank <1859> Pennsylvania Other
John McCarty blank <1856> Ireland Other
Catharine McCormick T. McCormick, Kate McCormick <1872> Wyoming Territory Daughter
Elizabeth McCormick T. McCormick, Kate McCormick <1869> Washington, D.C. Daughter
James McCormick T. McCormick, Kate McCormick <1875> Kansas Son
Kate McCormick T. McCormick <1845> Ireland Wife
Mary McCormick T. McCormick, Kate McCormick <1866> New York Daughter
T. McCormick Kate McCormick <1843> Ireland Self
Thomas McCormick T. McCormick, Kate McCormick <1873> Arizona Territory Son
Mike McCue blank <1847> Ohio Other
A. McDonald blank <1850> Ireland Other
C. McDough blank <1858> Rhode Island Other
Daniel McFee blank <1856> Pennsylvania Other
Ed McMee blank <1850> Pennsylvania Other
John McNalley blank <1853> Ireland Other
Mike Meehin blank <1855> Ireland Other
Lawrence Meehin blank <1852> Ireland Other
Henry Mercer blank <1847> Pennsylvania Other
Annie Merrian Louis Merrian <1854> Pennsylvania Wife
Henry Merrian Louis Merrian, Annie Merrian <1880> Wyoming Territory Son
Louis Merrian Annie Merrian <1844> Maine Self
Ruth Merrian Louis Merrian, Annie Merrian <1877> Wyoming Territory Daughter
Carrie Merritt Wesly Merritt <1850> Ohio Wife
Wesly Merritt Carrie Merritt <1840> New York Self
Leo Miller blank <1843> Kentucky Other
Chas. Miller blank <1855> Saxony Other
James Miller blank <1854> Pennsylvania Other
D. Minahan blank <1857> Ireland Other
O. Mirbach blank <1840> Belgium Other
James Monahan blank <1854> Massachusetts Other
Phi Monroe blank <1857> New York Other
John Morris blank <1843> England Other
John Morrison blank <1847> Den[mark] Other
Thos. Mumraw blank <1852> Ireland Other
Ed Murphy blank <1854> Illinois Other
Chas. Murry blank <1856> Massachusetts Other
James Murry blank <1859> Pennsylvania Other