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The oldest town in Goshen County, LaGrange is also one of the oldest towns in Wyoming.  Kale LaGrange, for whom the town is named, owned one of the first ranches in southeastern Wyoming.

The following is extracted from The History of Western Nebraska and Its People:

   A mark has been left on Horse creek in the name LaGrange.

   All the cowboys of the time knew Kale LaGrange, as a "squaw man" along with Hi Kelly, Nick Genice, and Frank Vallet. It was over a score of years ago that LaGrange quit the western range and went back to his old home in Iowa, and afterwards married a white woman.

   Kale's mother, old timers all remember "Aunt Della," was a much married woman. I think she had buried a round half dozen husbands, before she met Tommy Chanavierre (Shunover) and in the late eighties Tommy was her spouse - the one we knew. Tommy was the one whose pride of ancestry runs back to the time when Marchioness La Pompadour was spreading the French Empire over the western world, but to us he was merely a jolly old Frenchman, who liked to talk with his hands, his shoulders and otherwise, and who merely for the love of activity and society, went visiting about the country in "dat old buckboard," with "dem old plug." "Shunover" died in Iowa. I am not advised if "Aunt Della" survived to marry again.

In 1867, the LaGrange Ranch was a designated stop for the stagecoach that ran from Cheyenne to Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Agencies. In 1886, the first Texas longhorns arrived to water at the natural springs five miles north of town. The Texas Cattle Trail traversed from Pine Bluffs to a watering hole along Horse Creek and then to Hawk Springs.

LaGrange incorporated in 1889.  It is now a quiet agricultural community with a total population (census 2000) of 332.