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Please share your information.

For a county with such a rich history, Morgan County is, sadly, lacking in online genealogy research sources.  If we work together, we can all build this site so that it will become a major source of information.  As stated on the front page of this Web, I don't live in Morgan County, and don't have access to many of the sources that could be put online to help everyone searching in this wonderful state.  Your help is truly needed.

The genealogical information you are gathering can help other researchers.  Census readings, death notices, lists of marriages or births, etc. will help others. Please share your family information.


Old records pertaining to Morgan County
to be placed on this web site


  BOOKS/BOOKLETS: such as old school yearbooks, church anniversary books, women's and men's organizations that show listings of members.
  TOWN/VILLAGE RECORDS: early histories, old voter registrations, early birth, marriage and death records, etc.
  PHOTOS: pictures of individuals or families, school classes, sports teams, etc.
  OTHER: old family letters, local businesses, and more.

Everything should be from the early years until about 1940 time period.  Birth records need to be before 1900, death and marriage records to the present.

If you send photocopies or scanned photos and articles, we would appreciate them.  

OR if you have material that you would loan me to put on the website, please let me know.




If you have books referring to Morgan County such as school year books, borough/census area histories, old newspapers, membership rolls, student school records, or any of the books listed below and would be willing to lookup information in it/them, Email Colleen!





Do you have access to any of the books or materials listed in the bibliography?.. a census index?...  a list of the soldiers from Morgan County?... birth, death, or marriage records?...  some unique resource about Morgan County?...Email Colleen!





Do you have pages from any of the Morgan County censuses and want to share the information? Perhaps you'd like to type a local history publication, interesting tidbits from newspapers?

Perhaps you have books referring to Morgan County (school year books, borough/census area histories, old newspapers, membership rolls, student school records, or any of the books listed in the bibliography) and would be willing to transcribe them for this site?  Email Colleen!




Please volunteer your services to the Morgan County web!

All ideas and help will be greatly appreciated!

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